Friday, April 12, 2019

Mixed Bag Contest update 4/12

Spring is finally here.  And while fishing is far from being "prime time", a few KFF members have added species to their Mixed Bag Contest listings over the last few weeks.  Here are the current standings:

Jim Johnson - 6 - black crappie, bluegill, chain pickerel, largemouth bass, longear sunfish, rainbow trout
Bill Morrison - 5 - bluegill, chain pickerel, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, rio
Gene Taylor - 5 - bluegill, chain pickerel, rainbow trout, spotted bass, white crappie
Glen Cormier - 5 - black crappie, bluegill, goggle eye, rainbow trout, redear
Carlton Townsend - 3 - rainbow trout, bluegill, largemouth bass
Robert Hughes - 3 - black crappie, longear sunfish, rainbow trout
Robert Clark - 2 - bluegill, rainbow trout
Rich Hudson - 1 - rainbow trout
Phil Havener - 1 - rainbow trout
Joel Dinnat - 1 - rainbow trout

As you can see, only a small fraction of our membership has made entries so far into the Mixed Bag. We're hoping that with good weather, everyone will get out and catch some fish! Remember, you only need one (1) entry to be in the Consolation Drawing. But we hope everyone will give Jim Johnson and Bill Morrison some competition!

A variety of flies have been used so far. The Mardi Craw, Taylor's No Name, Rosborough Hares Ear, Squirmy Worm, and variations of the Woolybugger top the list. Others include: Seaducer, Red Dart, Fluff Butt, popping bug, Adams dry, Christmas Tree, SMP Crappie Fly, Meat Whistle and Goobers Bug.

Again, each entry is available online. So you can see what the fish was caught on, where it was caught, and even a photo of the fish. That's the real value of the MBC... a database for members to use to improve their success!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April 9th tying session - Red Dart, Laser Bugger

KFF monthly fly tying session
Monday, April 15, 2019
Rapides Westside Library, 5416 Provine, Alexandria

For April fly tying, we will tie the Red Dart and the Laser Bugger. The Red Dart is the creation of Lance Egan, renown fly tier and competitive angler from Utah. It combines features of several legacy patterns with modern materials.

The Laser Bugger is the creation of our own Bill Morrison and was very successful on the recent Little Mo club trip.

As always, beginners are welcome!  Please bring your tools. If you don't have tools, the club has sets for use during these sessions. Materials are provided.

If you have these color threads, please bring them: red thread, olive or brown thread. Also please bring a dubbing loop tool (we hope to have our "dubbing tools" for distribution at the meeting).

Friday, April 5, 2019

Another successful Fly Fishing 101

Last Saturday, we held our fourth annual Fly Fishing 101 at Booker-Fowler Hatchery in Forest Hill. Predictions for stormy weather came true, but not until after the workshop was long over. The 26 students were our largest group yet. As is our usual practice, we broke the students into two groups, one for casting and one for rigging and tactics.

Thanks to all our helpers, with several key members out, their assistance was vital. Jeff Ferguson, Carlton Townsend, Chris Perkins, Mike Carlin, Roger Breedlove, Bill Morrison, Ronnie Richmond, Steve Templin, Jim Guillory. Jeff - an FFI Master Certified Casting Instructor and Casting Director for the FFI Gulf Coast Council - also helped some of our more seasoned members on their casting. We hope to get Jeff back for a casting workshop later this year.

Eight new member families took advantage of a discounted club membership offered to participants.

- Danny & Janie Deshotels
- Patrick Deshotels
- Chris & Luke Griffin
- Preston Keiser
- Sam Poole
- Patricia Spangler
- John Thibodeaux
- Karen Williams, Bella & Alayna Duruisseau

Welcome to Kisatchie Fly Fishers!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

March 18th tying session - Rosborough Hares Ear

KFF monthly fly tying session
Monday, March 18, 2019
Rapides Westside Library, 5416 Provine, Alexandria

This month Glen Cormier will lead us in tying the Rosborough Hares Ear (RHE). The original Hares Ear is attributed to 19th century English tier James Odgen. This very buggy variation of the classic nymph is credited to Polly Rosborough, author of the book "The Fuzzy Nymphs".  Rosborough was a proponent of flies that are suggestive in nature and which have a softer profile that gives the fly animation even in still waters.

Tying the RHE will make use of a technique called a dubbing loop. While a dubbing loop tool will suffice, an electronic single hook test clip (as shown in photo above) makes for a very good, simple, and inexpensive dubbing loop tool. So if you have a test clip, bring it.

Bring thread, colors either brown, red, olive, black.  Also some reading glasses, as this is a smaller hook size than we often tie on.

Club will provide: size 14 barbless hooks, size 1/8" copper brass beads, hares mask in different colors, copper wire.

Bring your tools - if none, the club has sets for use during the session.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

March 25th meeting - annual "On the Water" picnic

KFF monthly general meeting
Monday, March 25, 2019
Cotile Lake Recreation Area
(weather permitting)

** If inclement weather, we'll reschedule this meeting at a later date. **

With Daylight Savings Time in effect, it's time for our annual "on the water" meeting.  Once again, we'll meet at the Cotile Lake Recreation Area.  Come anytime that afternoon and fish from the bank.  Or bring your boat, kayak, pirogue, and launch at the Rec Area. Family members and member guests are welcome to attend!

Then at 7:30pm, we'll start gathering at Pavilion #2 (the open pavilion overlooking the lake) and share fishing stories while nourishing on burgers and hot dogs fresh off the grill.

Please note the following:
1. There is NO entrance fee for our group. Tell Butch or whoever at the entrance that you are with "Kisatchie Fly Fishers" and they'll let you in free.
2.  Bring your favorite beverages.
3.  Bring a chair.
4.  Bring your fly rod and flies.
5.  Bring a camera (or smartphone) to submit entries for the Mixed Bag. 

If you plan to attend, please fill out this short formCLICK HERE TO SIGNUP.

Please signup if you plan to attend so we'll know how many burgers/dogs to get.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Mixed Bag Contest update 3/1

Robert Hughes' black crappie taken on SMP Fly
February 1st kicked off our 2nd annual "Mixed Bag Contest" - a members-only CPR online tournament where size doesn't matter, but variety of species does. While below-normal temperatures, above-normal rainfall, and gusty winds have really messed up the fishing, a few members have been able to put some fish on the board. Especially Jim Johnson, whose motto is "Nice weather is for wimps!".

Here are our leaders as of March 1st:
Jim Johnson (6) - black crappie, bluegill, chain pickerel, largemouth bass,  longear sunfish, rainbow trout
Carlton Townsend (3) - bluegill, largemouth bass, rainbow trout
Glen Cormier (3) - black crappie, rainbow trout, redear
Bill Morrison (2) - chain pickerel, largemouth bass
Robert Hughes (2) - black crappie, rainbow trout
Joel Dinnat (1) - rainbow trout
Rich Hudson (1) - rainbow trout
Gene Taylor (1) - rainbow trout

Most productive flies have been: Mardi Craw, Squirm Worm and Little Mo Wooly. Interesting notes: Six of the entries have been caught on rods built by Roger Breedlove. Also, the vast majority of entries so far have been caught bank fishing or wade fishing.

Expect a lot more entries this month, especially after our annual "Spring Picnic meeting" at Cotile Lake on March 25th.

Friday, February 22, 2019

February 25th meeting - Gearing Up for Coldwater Fishing

KFF monthly general meeting
Monday, February 25, 2019
Rapides Westside Library, 5416 Provine, Alexandria

This month, we'll have a group discussion on  "Gearing Up for Coldwater Fly Fishing".  This meeting will be informative whether you're a complete beginner or a semi-expert.  That's because everyone is welcome to share their knowledge and tips as part of the program.  The Coldwater Committee will lead the various topics, and members are encouraged to chime in at the end of each topic to offer their own experiences or expertise.

Here are the topics that will be covered:
- Rods and reels
- fly line
- leaders, tippets, tippet rings
- packs or vests?
- waders and boots
- wading staffs
- fly boxes
- strike indicators
- scissors, hemostats, nippers
- nets
- clothing
- fleece underpants, sweat pants, thermals, etc.
- caps, hats, jackets, buffs/gaitors
- sunglasses

Also information about the Little Missouri River, pertinent to our two club trips coming up.
- river access points
- generation schedules, river levels
- where to stay (motels, cabins, camping, RV)

Also on the agenda: upcoming events, Mixed Bag Contest update, fishing reports

As always, the public is welcome!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

February 18th fly tying - Mop Fly & Sqwirmy Wormy

KFF monthly fly tying session
Monday, February 18, 2019
Rapides Westside Library (big room)
5416 Provine, Alexandria, LA

This month Gene Taylor will lead us in tying two very simple, yet very effective patterns for rainbow trout on the Little Missouri River.  These  have also been very good for bream on local waters. But beware! There are some traditionalists who look upon these "flies" with disgust and ire!

The first is the "Mop Fly".  This simple pattern imitates a crane fly larvae, and is very effective.  Discussion of the Mop Fly and tying instructions can be found here:

The second is the "Sqwirmy Wormy". No fly - other than the Mop Fly - has created more controversy in the fly fishing community. Ignore the partisans - this fly really works!  The origin and details of this fly can be found in this article on the Louisiana Sportsman website.

Since these are easy-to-tie flies, we encourage beginners to come to this session. Bring your tools - if none, the club has sets for use during the session. All materials are provided.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mixed Bag Contest goes live!

Our Mixed Bag Contest is back for a second year! And by popular demand, we're starting a month earlier. The MBC kicks off this Friday, February 1st at 12:01am. 

The MBC is a members-only, months-long tournament where the goal is to catch as many different species on fly rod. It's CPRO which means catch-photo-release optional. And best of all, there is NO entry fee!

Are you ready?  Here's what you need to compete:
  • Be a 2019 member of KFF
  • Go to the Mixed Bag Contest page and review the rules
  • Have your camera or smartphone available when fishing
  • Take photos of your catch and log them in using the links on the MBC page.
  • Bring your enthusiasm!  Remember, while catching the most different species wins, the biggest prize goes to one lucky person among all non-winners who participate.
Check out our Facebook page during the year for frequent updates.

Friday, January 18, 2019

January 28th meeting - Jeff Regnart, Alaska fishing

KFF monthly general meeting
Monday, January 28, 2018
Rapides Westside Library, 5416 Provine, Alexandria

For our first meeting of 2019, we are delighted to welcome Jeff Regnart as our guest speaker. Jeff was with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for over 30 years. He started as a field tech in high school, moved up the ranks as a biologist, and retired as Director of Alaska's Commercial Fisheries Division, where he was praised as a champion of sustainable fisheries.

Jeff will give a slideshow presentation on Alaska fishing. Expect to see some great scenery and big fish, and hear interesting stories!

As always, the public is welcome!

Also on the agenda: upcoming Spring events and trips, Mixed Bag Contest (starts February 1st), fishing reports, and more.

Also we have a pair of tickets to give away for the Fly Fishing Film Tour coming to Pack & Paddle in Lafayette on Friday, February 1st.

Also, a reminder that 2019 dues are due now thru March. Please pay our Treasurer, Rich Hudson, or email your check for $25 to:

Kisatchie Fly Fishers
5093 Laura Lane
Woodworth, LA  71485

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

January 22nd fly tying - Dragon Tail, Christmas Tree

KFF monthly fly tying session
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Rapides Westside Library, 5416 Provine, Alexandria

** Note: Due to the library closure for the MLK holiday, we're meeting on Tuesday this month **

We'll be tying two patterns this month.  The Dragon Tail Streamer and the Christmas Tree.

Dragon Tail patterns are the hottest new flies on the planet. Made of a chenille-like material tapered down to a fine point, it was originated by David Magnum, a renown tarpon guide on the northwest Florida Gulf Coast. While Dragon Tail flies have proven effective for tarpon, they've also been the new favorite for bass, pike, musky, pickeral and other predatory species.

The Christmas Tree fly is a simpler version of the Fluff Butt. For those new members who are interested in learning fly tying, this pattern is a great one to start with.  It comes to us from Burley Johnson in Natchitoches and has proven a killer on rainbow trout, bream, and crappie.

Beginners and guests are welcome. If you don't have tools, the club has a few sets for use during the session.  Materials will be provided.