Mixed Bag

2021 Kisatchie Fly Fishers Mixed Bag Contest


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Email to submit the photo: kffcpr@gmail.com

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Token is not required if you submit the original photo (see rules):

Link to contest TOKEN in JPG format 

Link to contest TOKEN in PDF format

Eligible species must be on one of the following list of record fish:

Arkansas State Records

Alabama Saltwater Records

Florida Saltwater Records

Mississippi State Records

Oklahoma State Records

Texas Freshwater Records

Texas Saltwater Records

This link is most helpful in identifying your fish:

TPWD Species Identification Database


KFF is excited to announce the 4th annual Mixed Bag Contest!  This contest is open to all KFF members. There is no entry fee required.

The MBC kicks off January 1st and ends November 30th at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced and receive prizes at the annual Christmas party in December. 

The Mixed Bag is not a “big fish" contest.  Instead, this contest presents an opportunity for KFF members to show how many different species of fish can be caught on the fly.

The tournament format is CPRE (Catch/Photo/Release Encouraged) tournament.  All you need to participate is a photo of the fish, fly rod or fly, and camera (phone or otherwise).  If you submit the original photograph, then the contest's Token ID card is not necessary.  Otherwise, if you crop or rotate the photo - or other type of edit - then the token card is required in the photograph.

To submit the fish, come to this web page, and use the link above to fill out the catch info.  Then email the matching photo to the email link above.

We award the top six (6) places.  However, we also do a consolation prize drawing among the names of entrants that were not winners.  So, even a single entry will get your name into the consolation drawing for a nice prize!  

The submissions are of great value to fellow members.  It allows them to see what species can be caught on fly, where these fish can be taken on fly, at what time of year, and on what flies.    

Rules and Procedure

  * must be a paid 2021 member of KFF

  * the contest begins January 1st and ends 11:59pm on November 30th

  * all fish must be caught on flies and fly fishing equipment

  * all fish must be caught in public water (no farm pond submissions!)

  * all fish must be caught within the following boundaries: Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, coastal Alabama or coastal Florida (west of Panama City).
  * the contest will be on the honor system

  * to enter a fish you must submit a single photograph that includes the fish -and- either the fly rod or the fly used.  The photograph must also include either:
      (a) the official contest ID card (aka, token)
      (b) or if no ID card, it must be the original unedited photograph.  In this case, the metadata of the photo will be used to determine the date of the catch. Make sure your camera or phone has the correct system date.  

  * every entry logged in MUST include the date on which you caught the fish, the fly the fish was caught on, and the state and body of water (location) where the fish was caught 

  * although this is not a true Catch/Photo/Release contest (you can keep the fish if you choose) NO DEAD FISH CAN BE SUBMITTED  – please submit a photo of your fish along with the fly or fly rod taken at the time it was caught (no ice chest, driveway, or cleaning table photos allowed)

  * only one photo of each species of fish should be submitted per member as only one will be counted

  * there will be instructions on our website that direct you on how to upload your photo and log your fish

  * please submit your photo as soon as reasonably possible as in the event of a tie, we will use the earliest entry as a tie breaker

  * ANY submission will automatically make that member eligible for the contest’s grand drawing.

  * the contest winner will be the member who submits the most variety of species caught

  * additional prizes will be awarded as confirmed, please check the website for updates

This contest will be a great opportunity to promote our club and our sport, not to mention a lot of fun!  More information about the contest will be discussed at our January general meeting and subsequent meetings. 

Questions and Answers

Over the course of the event, we'll be receiving questions from members. The ones we find most appropriate will be posted here, along with answers.

Q. Do I need to include the token in my picture?
A. Not if you submit the original photo.  If you think you might be editing the photo any, then yes, include the token.  We made the change midway in 2018 when it was brought to our attention that including the token required extra / excessive handling of the fish.  In those cases where the fish will be released, minimal handling and time out the water is critical.

Q. Will the photos be used elsewhere?
A. We plan to use some at our Christmas Party slideshow.  Otherwise, selected photos will be used strictly for contest promotion, either on our website or Facebook page.