The 2nd Law of Fly Fishing states, "Solid casting is the foundation of fly fishing success.".  Kisatchie Fly Fishers wants to make sure our members are solid casters, and therefore, prepared for success.

To insure this, at least once a year we have a presentation (video or speaker) on fly casting at our club meeting. We also on occasion dedicate a club meeting to casting on the lawn, applying certain tips and techniques.

Beginning in Fall 2019, the Education Committee has instituted two new initiatives.

(1) Casting practice 30 minutes prior to each regular monthly meeting (weather permitting). In most cases, that would be 6:00pm on the 4th Monday.

(2) Start of a club "Casting Skills Challenge" (CSC) program. This will mirror the FFI Casting Skills Challenge program. As an affiliated club of Fly Fishers International, KFF is pleased to incorporate this new resource in pursuit of our shared educational goals.

Casting Skills Challenge  

The CSC consists of three levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold. Each level represents a more advanced achievement, that is, being able to make certain types of casts.  The Bronze is designed for novices, the Silver for intermediate casters, the Gold for advanced.

KFF members do not need to be a member of FFI to pursue each of the casting levels. However, if they wish to receive FFI recognition certificates and pins for the level, as well as recognition on the Kisatche Fly Fishers website, then they need to be FFI members.

To qualify for the FFI recognition award, follow the documentation procedures (including use of a Facilitator) and submit Score Sheets to FFI.  For the Gold Level Challenge, the facilitator must be a previous Gold Level recipient, or a Certified Casting Instructor.  Fortunately, we have two CIs in our club (see below).

Information on the Skills Challenge, Facilitators, and Score Sheets can be found on this web page:  FFI Casting Skills Challenge page

Learning Center
To help casters become proficient at each type of cast, the FFI Learning Center has created a series of instruction modules. Each module consists of a cast description and video. The modules are available on this web page. FFI Learning Center

Most of the Learning Center modules are available to the public. The "Expanded Instruction" content on each module is available only to FFI members. Log in with your member ID to see those.

FFI Certified Casting Instructors

The FFI Casting Instructor Certification Program (CICP) was established in 1992 to enhance the overall level of instruction in fly casting by increasing instructor knowledge, casting proficiency, and teaching ability.  There are 3 levels in the program:
  • Casting Instructor (CI)
  • Master Certified Casting Instructor (MCI)
  • Two-handed Casting Instructor (THCI)
For each level, the student must pass rigorous examination, and mastering and understanding of all casting types as well as their faults (mistakes).

Kisatchie Fly Fishers is proud to have the following FFI certified instructors in our club:
  • Jeff Ferguson  (MCI)
  • Glen 'Catch' Cormier  (CI)
  • Bill Morrison  (CI)
  • Roger Breedlove (CI)
Louisiana has a total of  12 CIs of which 5 are MCIs.  This is the most MCIs of any state in the Mid-South. A complete list can be found on the FFI Casting Instructors page.

For the Gold Level of the Casting Skills Program, an FFI CI is strongly advised as a facilitator.

For more information regarding the FFI Casting Certification Program, go to their webpage at