Sunday, October 6, 2019

Mixed Bag Contest update - October 6th

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This September was the hottest month on record in Louisiana! Not a single night below 65 degrees. The fish didn't like the heat either. It was a tough month for KFF members trying to add entries into the Mixed Bag Contest. Still, Phil Havener and Jim Guillory had a great month, and several others added to their totals.

Good news is that cooler weather starts tomorrow... for good!

We have two months left in our Mixed Bag Contest, a CPRO (catch-photo-release optional) contest where size doesn't matter but diversity does. The goal is to catch as many species as possible on fly rod, and register that catch online.

October and November are also the best time for inshore saltwater fly fishing. But there are many freshwater species still available to members. For example, the image on right shows 11 common sunfish alone. Nine are found in Louisiana waters, the other two in Arkansas (included in the MBC region). Click on the image for an enlargement.

Here are the latest standings (number is different species registered):
Bill Morrison - 15
Carlton Townsend - 15
Robert Hughes - 12
Phil Havener - 10
Jim Johnson - 9
Glen Cormier - 8
Jim Guillory - 7
Joel Dinnat - 6

Others: Gene Taylor -5, Rich Hudson -4, Greg Babin -3, Robert Clark -3, Mike Carlin -2, Ronnie Richmond -2, Jonathon Bennett -2, Barbara Carlin -1, Tom Zabasky -1, Lindsey Torbett -1.