Friday, December 27, 2019

Mixed Bag Contest goes live!

Our Mixed Bag Contest is back for a third year! And we're starting a month earlier. The MBC kicks off this Wednesday, January 1st at 12:01am.

The MBC is a members-only, months-long tournament where the goal is to catch as many different species on fly rod. It's CPRE which means catch-photo-release encouraged. And best of all, there is NO entry fee!

Are you ready?  Here's what you need to compete:

-   Be a 2020 member of KFF
-   Go to the Mixed Bag Contest page and review the rules
-   Have your camera or smartphone available when fishing
-   Take photos of your catch and include either the fly rod or fly, or both
-   Log them in using the links on the Mixed Bag page.
-   Bring your enthusiasm!  Remember, while the members who catch the most different species win cash prizes, even just one entry gets you into the drawing for an awesome consolation prize.

Check out our website and Facebook page during the year for frequent updates.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Club honorees, Mixed Bag winners recognized at banquet

At our annual Christmas banquet on December 9th, the club honored those members who have had an outstanding year, either in service to the club, in their progression as fly tiers, or with individual achievement. The club also recognized the winners of our annual Mixed Bag Contest.

New Member of the Year - Chester and Denise Gaitlin
This was a new award for 2019. Given to a new club member over the last 18 months who has been very active in our club, shown a strong dedication to our sport, and a willingness to learn.  Chester and Denise have both made great strides in the past year since joining. We hear she's better at catching fish, but he's real good at cleaning them.

Fly Tier of the Year - Preston Keiser, Grant Cutrer
Awarded to that club member who has dedicated themselves to the art of fly tying, either through significant improvement in their tying skills, or in enhanding the education of others.  Preston and Grant are among several junior fly tiers in our club.  Both were at nearly every tying event this past year and both have greatly improved their tying skills. We at KFF are very proud to have them as members!

Presidents Award - Tom Zabasky
This award is chosen by the president. It goes to someone that he or she believes has helped the club internally, and/or has been a great ambassador for our club. Tom was new to the board this year, but his contributions made for one of our best years ever!

Member of the Year - Chris Perkins
Awarded to that member who has made great individual strides in our sport, and/or whose efforts have benefitted the membership, or furthered the mission of the club. Chris participated in just about every meeting and activity this year, helped with trips and showed great improvement in his casting. But his most significant contribution was organization of the club's Casting Skills Challenge, which has been a huge success.

Mixed Bag Contest

Our annual Mixed Bag Contest is a months-long CPRE (catch-photo-release encouraged) tournament where size doesn't matter, but diversity does. Six places were awarded cash prizes ranging from $50 to $150. In addition, every member who made at least one entry, but wasn't a winner, had their name placed in a consolation drawing for a brand new Lamson Liquid fly reel.

Here are the 2019 MBC winners:

Carlton Townsend - 16 species
Bill Morrison - 15 species
Phil Havener - 12 species
Robert Hughes - 12 species
Glen Cormier - 10 species
Jim Johnson - 9 species
Gene Taylor - consolation prize winner

Here's the list of species that were caught in the 2019 MBC: Black Drum, Blue Runner, Bluegill, Brown trout, Catfish, Chain Pickerel, Channel Catfish, Common Carp, Black Crappie, White Crappie, Flathead Catfish, Goggle Eye, Golden Eye, Green Sunfish, Green Sunfish (hybrid), Ladyfish, Largemouth Bass, Longear Sunfish, Longnose Gar, Ozark Bass, Pompano, Pumpkinseed, Rainbow trout, Redtail Carp, Redbreast Sunfish, Redear (chinquapin), Redfish, Rio Cichlid, Sheepshead, Skipjack herring, Smallmouth bass, Spanish Mackeral, Speckled trout, Spotted bass, Warmouth (goggle eye), White Bass, Yellow Bass.

Our 3rd annual Mixed Bag Contest kicks off January 1st, 2020.