Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Skills clinics to precede monthly fly tying

Starting with our November 18th fly tying session, we'll be instituting an intermittent "Tying Skills Clinic" beginning a half-hour prior to the tying session. The clinic will deal with beginning skills such as basic tools, thread types, whip finish, thread control, building heads, tying in various materials, and much more.

Each session will start at 6:00pm and end at 6:30pm. At 6:30pm, we will move into the main tying session. According to Tying Co-Chairs Gene Taylor and Bill Morrison, this clinic was concieved based on the outstanding success of the Casting Skills clinic which precedes each regular meeting.

The Tying Skills Clinic may not be every month, depending on room availability at 6:00pm. Also when members request it, or when the Tying Committee sees a need for basic skills lacking in the main session.

We're hoping this will encourage new members to engage in fly tying, and to build upon their basic skills. And for those who have been tying to improve their techniques.