Friday, April 5, 2019

Another successful Fly Fishing 101

Last Saturday, we held our fourth annual Fly Fishing 101 at Booker-Fowler Hatchery in Forest Hill. Predictions for stormy weather came true, but not until after the workshop was long over. The 26 students were our largest group yet. As is our usual practice, we broke the students into two groups, one for casting and one for rigging and tactics.

Thanks to all our helpers, with several key members out, their assistance was vital. Jeff Ferguson, Carlton Townsend, Chris Perkins, Mike Carlin, Roger Breedlove, Bill Morrison, Ronnie Richmond, Steve Templin, Jim Guillory. Jeff - an FFI Master Certified Casting Instructor and Casting Director for the FFI Gulf Coast Council - also helped some of our more seasoned members on their casting. We hope to get Jeff back for a casting workshop later this year.

Eight new member families took advantage of a discounted club membership offered to participants.

- Danny & Janie Deshotels
- Patrick Deshotels
- Chris & Luke Griffin
- Preston Keiser
- Sam Poole
- Patricia Spangler
- John Thibodeaux
- Karen Williams, Bella & Alayna Duruisseau

Welcome to Kisatchie Fly Fishers!