Friday, August 23, 2019

KFF member's piece featured in national magazine

We have a celebrity in our club!  Gene Taylor, our Fly Tying Co-Chair and resident bibliophage, was published in the Summer issue of The Drake magazine. 

In his article, entitled "Whippersnapper: The Joys of Being a Designated Youngin", Gene recants his experiences as a young member in a club with many seasoned anglers, most of which are of senior status.  He points out examples of their fanatical devotion to the sport, and their uncanny ability to catch fish. And how, being the young protege, he has learned much.

Most of the story involves a club trip to Pointe-aux-Chenes, and Gene's first encounter with the poisson rouge on fly from kayak. It's so funny, and yet so true! Save a long explanation, but my wife Lisa read the article to me out loud. She and I laughed at several passages in the article - she couldn't believe a fly fishing article was so enjoyable.

And that's what makes The Drake different from any other fly fishing periodical. In an age of declining magazine sales, its circulation continues to grow.  Its readers are mostly young and/or highly passionate about our sport.

The Drake magazine offers little "how to" about fly fishing. And none of those absurd glory shots of fish with the anglers exchanging high-fives. The essay style and creative photography of this magazine are for anglers who enjoy the right-brained side of fly fishing.

It's not a cheap magazine, but you get great content and lots of it. You can get a copy of The Drake by going to their website, or picking up a copy at the Books-A-Million bookstore in Alexandria.