Monday, March 4, 2019

Mixed Bag Contest update 3/1

Robert Hughes' black crappie taken on SMP Fly
February 1st kicked off our 2nd annual "Mixed Bag Contest" - a members-only CPR online tournament where size doesn't matter, but variety of species does. While below-normal temperatures, above-normal rainfall, and gusty winds have really messed up the fishing, a few members have been able to put some fish on the board. Especially Jim Johnson, whose motto is "Nice weather is for wimps!".

Here are our leaders as of March 1st:
Jim Johnson (6) - black crappie, bluegill, chain pickerel, largemouth bass,  longear sunfish, rainbow trout
Carlton Townsend (3) - bluegill, largemouth bass, rainbow trout
Glen Cormier (3) - black crappie, rainbow trout, redear
Bill Morrison (2) - chain pickerel, largemouth bass
Robert Hughes (2) - black crappie, rainbow trout
Joel Dinnat (1) - rainbow trout
Rich Hudson (1) - rainbow trout
Gene Taylor (1) - rainbow trout

Most productive flies have been: Mardi Craw, Squirm Worm and Little Mo Wooly. Interesting notes: Six of the entries have been caught on rods built by Roger Breedlove. Also, the vast majority of entries so far have been caught bank fishing or wade fishing.

Expect a lot more entries this month, especially after our annual "Spring Picnic meeting" at Cotile Lake on March 25th.