Sunday, November 3, 2019

Mixed Bag Update - just weeks to go!

Carlton Townsend with a PAC redfish
Everyone is asking, "What happened to Fall?". Well it came and brought Winter with it!  The first week of October, the water at Cotile Lake Recreation Area was 82 degrees. A month later, it's 59 degrees - cold enough for rainbow trout!

With November being the final month of our Mixed Bag Contest, KFF members looking to move into the top tier will have to fish deep and slow, or pick warm days when the fish move closer to the shallows. If you're willing to drive a few hours south, marsh fishing is excellent.  And if you're willing to head a few hours north, rainbow stockings have begun on the Little Missouri River.

We'll be awarding the top five (5) places at the Christmas Party in December, so everyone still has a chance to make the cut. However, if you don't make the top five, there's still the CONSOLATION PRIZE DRAWING.  Every member who has entered at least ONE fish will have their name placed in the drawing - also to take place at the Christmas Party. Incidently, you don't need to be present to win.

Here are the latest standings (number is different species registered):
Carlton Townsend - 16
Bill Morrison - 15
Robert Hughes - 12
Phil Havener - 10
Jim Johnson - 9
Glen Cormier - 8
Jim Guillory - 8
Gene Taylor - 8

Others: Joel Dinnat -6, Rich Hudson -5, Greg Babin -3, Robert Clark -3, Mike Carlin -2, Ronnie Richmond -2, Jonathon Bennett -2, Barbara Carlin -1, Tom Zabasky -1, Lindsey Torbett -1.