Friday, April 12, 2019

Mixed Bag Contest update 4/12

Spring is finally here.  And while fishing is far from being "prime time", a few KFF members have added species to their Mixed Bag Contest listings over the last few weeks.  Here are the current standings:

Jim Johnson - 6 - black crappie, bluegill, chain pickerel, largemouth bass, longear sunfish, rainbow trout
Bill Morrison - 5 - bluegill, chain pickerel, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, rio
Gene Taylor - 5 - bluegill, chain pickerel, rainbow trout, spotted bass, white crappie
Glen Cormier - 5 - black crappie, bluegill, goggle eye, rainbow trout, redear
Carlton Townsend - 3 - rainbow trout, bluegill, largemouth bass
Robert Hughes - 3 - black crappie, longear sunfish, rainbow trout
Robert Clark - 2 - bluegill, rainbow trout
Rich Hudson - 1 - rainbow trout
Phil Havener - 1 - rainbow trout
Joel Dinnat - 1 - rainbow trout

As you can see, only a small fraction of our membership has made entries so far into the Mixed Bag. We're hoping that with good weather, everyone will get out and catch some fish! Remember, you only need one (1) entry to be in the Consolation Drawing. But we hope everyone will give Jim Johnson and Bill Morrison some competition!

A variety of flies have been used so far. The Mardi Craw, Taylor's No Name, Rosborough Hares Ear, Squirmy Worm, and variations of the Woolybugger top the list. Others include: Seaducer, Red Dart, Fluff Butt, popping bug, Adams dry, Christmas Tree, SMP Crappie Fly, Meat Whistle and Goobers Bug.

Again, each entry is available online. So you can see what the fish was caught on, where it was caught, and even a photo of the fish. That's the real value of the MBC... a database for members to use to improve their success!