Sunday, August 11, 2019

Mixed Bag Contest update - August 11

Joel Dinnat's white bass taken on Red River oxbow
August is the last full month of SweatFest 2019 - the festival no one likes to celebrate.  Typically a tough time for fishing. But the rivers were so high for so long, and now that they're low and clear, fishing is off the charts good at places like Red River, Saline Lake, Larto Lake, Deer Park and several others.  And salinities are up all over the coast.

Our members have taken advantage of this late summer jubilee with several recent entries to the Mixed Bag Contest.  The MBC is our months-long CPRO (catch-photo-release optional) contest where size doesn't matter but diversity does. The goal is to catch as many species as possible on fly rod, and register that catch online.

Here are the latest standings (number is different species registered):

Bill Morrison - 15
Carlton Townsend - 15
Robert Hughes - 12
Phil Havener - 8
Jim Johnson - 8
Glen Cormier - 8
Joel Dinnat - 6

Others: Gene Taylor -5, Rich Hudson -4, Greg Babin -3, Robert Clark -3, Ronnie Richmond -2, Jonathon Bennett -2, Tom Zabasky -1.

Making the biggest jump since our last update were Robert Hughes and Bill Morrison, each with 5 entries.

A few of the species taken in the last month include: two white bass on the Red River (both on Clouser Minnow), Spanish Mackeral at Dauphin Island (Coma Spoon), Channel Catfish at Toledo Bend (Rosborough Hares Ear), Blue Runner in northwest Florida (Bead chain fly), Common Carp (Mop Fly) and an Ozark Bass (Creek Crawler) taken at Crooked Creek.

A reminder that there are 67 possible listings! So this contest is far, far from over. We'll be awarding 6 (six) places. In addition, all non-place entrants will have a shot in the Consolation Drawing.  Remember, you only need one (1) entry to be in that drawing.