Saturday, October 31, 2020

November Fly Casting dates & times

Social Distance Casting

4:30pm to dark
Big Island Field, City Park, Alexandria

* With the end of Daylight Savings Time, we will begin our weekly casting an hour earlier at 4:30pm.  Big Island has lots of space and there is strict adherene to social distancing guidelines.

In addition, we're going to add a fun format. Challenges for casters of all levels of proficiency.

Hula Hoop Loop. See if you can throw a loop thru a hula hoop.
Casting Target. See if you can cast a fly into a hula hoop laying on the grass.
Balloon Pop. This is a test of high accuracy. See if you can hit a balloon target and make the balloon pop!

As always, there will be casting instruction and tips to improve your casting. Or participate in the Casting Skills Challenge program and earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold recognition.  Our Casting Committee led by Roger Breedlove and Chris Perkins will be very happy to guide you through the process.