Wednesday, July 1, 2020

July 6th Casting, new casting incentive program

Social Distance Casting
Monday, July 6th

5:00pm starting
Big Island Field, City Park Alexandria

Big Island has lots of space and there is strict adherene to social distancing guidelines.  You're welcome to come join at any time starting at 5pm. Improve on your casting skills with the help of our casting instructors, or participate in the Casting Skills Challenge program and earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold recognition.

* BREAKING NEWS!  Over the next 3 months, the club will raffle off a rod at each casting session. These rods are provided by Roger Breedlove. Most have been repaired, but not all. All the rods are in good condition and serviceable. They make super back-up rods, rods for kids, or rods to keep handy in your vehicle or elsewhere. The raffle will be $5 per chance. Hopefully this will increase participation at the casting sessions, while raising a little money for our club's education program. If you don't own a fly rod, come out anyway, the club has outfits for use during these sessions!