Saturday, July 18, 2020

July 20th Casting Monday, July 21st Tying Tuesday

Social Distance Casting
Monday, July 20th

5:00pm starting
Big Island Field, City Park Alexandria

Big Island has lots of space and there is strict adherene to social distancing guidelines.  You're welcome to come join at any time starting at 5pm. Improve on your casting skills with the help of our casting instructors, or participate in the Casting Skills Challenge program and earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold recognition.

Virtual Fly Tying
Tuesday, July 21st

6:30pm (see email for meeting id)

VTT is open to all members of Kisatchie Fly Fishers & Acadiana Fly Rodders. Join the meeting at using meeting ID and password.

This week, Larry Offner will lead us in tying the Jitterbee, a pattern created by Randy Leonpacher of Baton Rouge. The Jitterbee is one of the most effective bream flies in areas where bees and other flying insects congregate and build nests. Larry will also share some of his secrets for fishing this fly.

  • hook: Eagle Claw Baitholder #080 or #181 size 8 or 10
  • head: 1/8 or 4mm bead, gold or copper
  • body: fine chenille or ultra chenille (vernille)
  • tail: black rubber legs, or black metalflake sili-legs
You will also need a pair of pliers to bend the hook point enough to slide the bead on. Also, if using the #181 hook, there are two very tiny barbs on top the hook that need to be crushed down.

As our usual procedure, the lead tier will first do a walkthough demonstration of the fly that will be recorded for later use. After the walkthrough, attendees can tie or watch and ask questions.  If you did not receive the email with meeting ID and password, please email Bill Morrison prior to the meeting.