Sunday, June 7, 2020

June 8th Casting Monday, June 9th Tying Tuesday

Rusty Sparrow
Social Distance Casting
Monday, June 8

5:00pm starting
Big Island Field, City Park Alexandria

Big Island has lots of space and there is strict adherene to social distancing guidelines.  You're welcome to come join at any time starting at 5pm. 

Virtual Fly Tying
Tuesday, June 9

6:00pm (see email for meeting id)

This week, Jim Guillory will lead us in tying the Rusty Sparrow.  This fly is Kyle Moppert's variation of the original Jack Gartside Sparrow.  Jim learned to tie it from Kyle about 12 years ago, and since then, it's been one of his favorite patterns for trout (hook sizes 12-16) and in larger sizes, for bass.

The original fly used feathers all taken from different parts of a pheasant, but did not use weight.  Here is a YouTube of the original Gartside Sparrow. The Rusty Sparrow variation uses weighted lead to get the fly down deep.

As our usual procedure, Jim will first do a walkthough demonstration of the fly that will be recorded for later use. After the walkthrough, attendees can tie along with Jim and ask questions. Or attendees can simply watch, and ask questions.

If you did not receive the email from Bill Morrison with the meeting ID and password, please email Bill prior to the meeting. The meeting is open to all members of KFF as well as Acadiana Fly Rodders.