Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bluegill Belly Bean revisited

Back in February - at our last live attendance tying session - we tied up the Bluegill Belly Bean. The BBB was created by Paul Beel of Indiana, fly fishing writer and owner of FrankenFly website.

This fly gets down deep, where bigger bream hang out during late summer. Beel suggests letting the fly sink down using the countdown method, then stripping short strips.

I got a report this week from a crappie fishing guide at Toledo Bend. He mentioned that he's finding bream in 5-10 feet of water on submerged humps and points.  Perfect scenario for the BBB.

Since we didn't post it before, here's the materials list:
  • hook: jig hook size 8 standard length (J2 602, J2 604, Diachi 4640 or 4647, Lightning Strike JF2, Hanak 480, * Umpqua 555) 
  • eyes: double pupil x-small chartreuse
  • tail: midge flash in root beer color
  • legs: Chicone's Barred Micro Crusher legs, olive color
  • abdomen: Estaz petite, opal olive color
  • thorax/head: Hares Ear Plus Dubbin, olive color
* Be careful when buying Umpqua U555, these run 2 sizes larger, eg, size 12 is really size 8