Friday, May 15, 2020

Members recognized for Casting Skills awards

FFI CSC Gold Level Pin
Last year, the club adopted the "Casting Skills Challenge", a Fly Fishers International (FFI) program designed for all casters, from beginner to advanced, to be a fun way to study, practice and challenge oneself to reach casting milestones while doing it at their own pace.  Chris Perkins has been our director of the club program, while Roger Breedlove, an FFI Certified Casting Instructor, has been chief facilitator.

The CSC consists of three levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold. Each level represents a more advanced achievement, that is, being able to master certain types of casts.  Details about the CSC can be found on our "Casting" page and on the FFI website at

Members do not need to be FFI members to receive the KFF Casting Skills awards.  However, we strongly encourage them to consider joining FFI.  Since our program is an exact duplicate of the FFI program, club members who are FFI simply need to send in the paperwork and a small fee (which KFF will reimburse).  FFI members receive a pin as well as recognition on the national and regional level (see

Here's the latest list of KFF Casting Skills awards.  Please congratulation them on their achievement!

Johnathon Bennett.  Richard Dewees.  Joel Dinnat. 
Chester Gatlin.  Phil Havener.  Rich Hudson. 
Robert Hughes.  Preston Keiser.  Lindsey Torbett. 
Carlton Townsend

Mike Carlin Frank Coe Jim Guillory
Jim Johnson Justin Wilson Tom Zabasky

Bill Morrison Chris Perkins Gene Taylor