Monday, May 11, 2020

May 12th tying session - Woolybugger

KFF online fly tying session
Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Zoom meeting at

Remember to enter the Zoom meeting id and meeting password before joining session.  Instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting, and how to test for sound, are in the April 6th post.  If you do not have the Zoom access information, please email Bill Morrison and he will resend.

This week's pattern will be the Woolybugger, one of the most universal patterns of all time. Created by Russ Blessing, versions of the WB have been used for trout, salmon, bass, panfish, and even saltwater!  Here are the materials you will need (obviously, any substitutions will work as well).

- hook, 4x streamer or 3x long nymph hook, sizes 10 or 8
- thread, 140 denier (olive, or color to match fly)
- bead, 1/8" gold brass bead or substitute. Can omit bead.
- lead wire. Size .020 or bigger (wrap less) or smaller (wrap more)
- antron chenille or other chenille (color to match fly)
- strung marabou (olive, or other color, any feather will work for tail)
- saddle hackle (olive or matching color, schlappen feather substitute)

If you don't have these materials (or substitutes) you are still welcomed to join in and watch. In addition to tying a particular fly, we are using these online sessions to share fishing reports and other interesting discussion items.