Monday, April 6, 2020

KFF kicks off virtual fly tying sessions

With social distancing guidelines in place for the foreseeable future, the Fly Tying Committee has been experimenting with using Zoom - an online meeting tool - to continue our fly tying sessions during this time.  Zoom meetings can be attended on a computer (PC or Mac), smartphone, tablet, or other device with internet access.  From a participant standpoint, Zoom is free, and fairly simple to use.

Last week, FTC member Bill Morrison sent all active members an email with details. These included:
  • Youtube videos created by Bill on how to use Zoom on computer or smartphone
  • Other links for instruction on Zoom
  • Dates for upcoming sessions and what fly will be tied at each session  (see below)

The biggest challenge for members will be to acquire the materials. Bill has listed each fly that will be tied, and sent out a materials list in case some need to be ordered. The list also includes substitutions so members can use materials they might have on hand.

Each tying session will begin with the instructor demo tying the fly without pause, so it can be recorded for posting to the KFF website (via Youtube) later. After the demo, the group will start over and everyone will tie the pattern together. During the 2nd half of the session, participants can "raise a hand" to ask questions.

In order to join each tying session, members will need to enter the meeting ID and password for that session. It will be emailed to members in advance. Since there is a limit on participants, members are asked -NOT- to share this info. In addition, the host (instructor) will review the guests list to insure there are no "crashers". 

Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, April 7 - Zoom practice session. Use this session to test your equipment and practice using Zoom.

Monday, April 13 - Fly Tying - Slow Sinking Spider - Bill Morrison

Tuesday, April 21, 2020:  Fly Tying Basics, Problems, and Q&A

Monday, April 27 - Fly Tying - Bully Bluegill Spider, Foam Spider (time permitting) - Bill Morrison

Monday, May 4 - Fly Tying Basics, Problems, and Q&A

Monday, May 11 - Fly Tying - Wooly Bugger - Gene Taylor

Monday, May 18 - Fly Tying Basics, Problems, and Q&A

Monday, May 25 - Matt Bennett's Lunch Money streamer - Jim Johnson

KFF Specific Zoom Videos (How to join our meetings and use basic features of Zoom)

Short YouTube of Zoom’s basic features on a computer:

See Bill's email for videos on how to join meetings.

To join by phone or tablet:

Download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Store.

Start the Zoom app -> tap Join -> enter meeting ID ->enter your name as you want it to appear in the meeting -> tap the join button ->enter password.

To test computer equipment:

Join a test meeting to check camera, mic, and speakers at:

Tutorials on how to use Zoom:

A tutorial document specific to joining meetings from various platforms (Windows, Mac, iPhone, & Android)

Details on how to use Zoom on various browsers:

There are lots of other tutorials on the Zoom page at