Sunday, April 26, 2020

April 27th tying session - Bully Bluegill Spider

KFF online fly tying session
Monday, April 27, 2020

Zoom meeting at

Remember to enter the Zoom meeting id and meeting password before joining session.  Instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting, and how to test for sound, are in the April 6th post.  If you do not have the Zoom access information, please email Bill at this email address and he will resend.

For each tying session, there will be two parts. The first part we will demo the fly without pause and record the demo for posting to the KFF website.  The second part, we will start over and all tie the pattern together. During the 2nd part, questions can be asked.

On Monday, we'll tie the Bully Bluegill Spider. This is a very easy fly to tie, yet one that should be in every bream angler's fly box.  The BBS is weighted towards the rear for a vertical descent.

- nymph hook #10 or #12 (Sub: dry fly or almost any hook in this size range)
- black thread 70 denier (Sub: heavier thread or different color)
- lead wire size .015 (Sub: .020 or .025.  Omit, but fly won't sink as well)
- ultra chenille standard, chartruese or any color you want. (Sub: regular chenille, small)
- black rubber legs, small  (Sub: any rubber leg or spinner‐bait skirt material)

If time allows, we'll also tie a Foam Spider. Like the BBS, the rubber legs allow for lifelike action that bluegill can't resist.

- Fly Foam 2mm, chartreuse (Sub: 3mm foam or craft foam [super glue two layers together if too
thin]. Foam spider kits with pre‐cut bodies, legs, and hooks are availble from several suppliers)
- Legs and thread ‐ Same as for the Slow Sinking Spider