Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Mixed Bag Contest update 2/5

Terry Stafford's warmouth caught on Clouser Minnow
January 1st kicked off our 3rd annual "Mixed Bag Contest" - a members-only CPR online tournament where size doesn't matter, but variety of species does. The monsoon season here in central Louisiana hasn't been friendly to flyfishers, but some have registered a few fish, especially around Saline. Others have made the 4-hour trip to the Little Missouri River and registered rainbow trout.

Here are our first-round leaders:
Carlton Townsend (3) - black crappie, longear sunfish, rainbow trout
Joel Dinnat (2) - black crappie, warmouth
Terry Stafford (2) - black crappie, warmouth
Bill Morrison (1) - largemouth bass
Rich Hudson (1) - rainbow trout
Eddie Quitta (1) - rainbow trout

The most productive flies have been: Clouser Minnow, woolybuggers, Birds Nest, Sqwirmy Worm, Ruby Midge.