Friday, February 7, 2020

Little Mo Fly Fishing Festival - Feb. 14-16

18th-ever Little Mo Fly Fishing Festival
A celebration of trout and fly fishing on the Little Missouri River
February 14-16, 2020
Community Center, Murfreesboro, AR
Cost: $5

Organized by Jeff Guerin of Little Missouri Fly Fishing (, the Fest is one of the more laid-back and enjoyable events of winter.  Folks gather on Friday evening for tying and gumbo or chili.  On Saturday, there's vendors, fly tying demos, furled-leader demos, presentations, and who knows what else!  The "Usual Suspects" return to demonstrate their favorite flies and tying techniques.

On Sunday morning, Jeff conducts the "Can You Take It" casting clinic. It's a group clinic for those wishing to take a hard look at their casting strokes - and have everyone else take a look at them too! OUCH!!!

For more info on the Fest, including a list of accomodations, and latest info on the Little Mo itself, go to