Wednesday, January 22, 2020

KFF now has a Facebook Group page

KFF member Denise Gatlin has created a Facebook Group for our club. The Group name is "Kisatchie Fly Fishers Members Share". While it is a public group for the time being, Denise says it may change over to a private group once all members have been invited.

Either way, the only way for anyone to be a member of this Group is to be a current member of Kisatchie Fly Fishers club.  Yet another reason to pay up those 2020 dues!

We now have both a Facebook "page" (Kisatchie Fly Fishers) and a "group" (Kisatchie Fly Fishers Members Share).  What's the difference, you ask?

A page is like an announcement. Only the Admin or Moderator can create a post. While there can be replies on a post, the replies are often moderated.

A group is like a forum. Any member can create a topic. If a member has a question such as, "Where are the bass biting?", other members can respond.

The KFF Members Share group will allow us to communicate on a regular basis without a long line of chain emails. While some members may not use Facebook, it has proven to be a very effective tool for sharing information and learning about regional events.