Sunday, December 10, 2023

Club honorees recognized at banquet

At our annual Christmas banquet, the club honored those members who have had an outstanding year, either in service to the club, in their accomplishment and/or contribution as fly tiers, or with individual achievement. Each recipient will receive a custom-designed coffee mug with their recognition, featuring artwork by famed fly fishing artist James Lady.  

Member of the Year - Jeff Albrecht
Awarded to that member who, either made important contributions to our club, or assisted in helping others, or achieved milestones in their own skills. Jeff was a fixture at most of our activities, and had several personal accomplishments as an angler. Several of his "new" species were entered in this year's Mixed Bag.  

Fly Tier of the Year - Richard Dewees
Awarded to that member who, either through active participation, or educating and sharing skills, or significant improvement in their own skills, advanced the art within our club. Richard participated in nearly all our tying sessions, volunteered as a demo tier at external events, and assisted newer tiers.

Presidents Award - Sam Poole, Jane Oxenhandler
This award is selected by the president in recognition of service to the club, or for any actions or deeds that they find worthy of recognition.  Club members Sam and Jane have provided the musical entertainment at all of our Christmas banquets. They also perform at all the local hospitals for patients, including the Cabrini Cancer Center.

Please join us in congratulating all of our 2023 award winners!