Sunday, May 1, 2022

Mixed Bag Contest - update May 1st

Our 5th annual Mixed Bag Contest is off to another great start! The MBC is our members-only, online tournament where size doesn't matter, but diversity does. Despite some difficult weather conditions this Spring where the wind fan seemed to be stuck on high, members were able to make some notable catches. Things will only get better as weather stabilizes and a wide variety of sunfish species start to bed.

Like last year at this time, Chris Williams has shot into the early lead. However, you don't need to catch as many as Chris (few folks do) to have a chance to be a winner.  The new format - with only the top place awarded and many more prize drawings - means each entry has a much better chance of winning.

Each entry represents one ticket in the drawing. For example, enter 4 species in the Mixed Bag and you get 4 tickets in the drawing. More entries = greater chances to win!

Here are the current standings:

Chris Williams - 14
Glen Cormier - 10
Bill Morrison - 8
Jeff Albrecht - 6
Carlton Townsend - 6
Doug Bell - 5
Robert Hughes - 5

Also: Jim Johnson - 3, Tom Zabasky - 3, Hunter Lonsberry - 2, Mike Carlin - 2, Rich Hudson - 2, Rick Maddox - 2, Preston Keiser - 1, Pitt Merryman - 1, Joel Dinnat - 1

Most interesting catches so far: Glen Cormier - spotted sucker, Doug Bell - carp, Chris Williams - orangespotted sunfish and skipjack herring, Jeff Albrecht - smallmouth bass.

Again, we're not even at the halfway mark of the Mixed Bag. So plenty of opportunities for ALL members to jump in and get a shot at the drawing for prizes, or even win the MBC outright!