Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Patton, Williams setting records in Mixed Bag

Our 4th annual Mixed Bag Contest is setting records left and right!  Currently we have almost twice as many entries at this point in contest history. And while Jerry Patton and Chris Williams are out to prove that there is NO species that won't take their flies, we want to remind members that each entry - even just one - is more important than ever.

That's because in January the board voted to change the MBC award system to encourage more member participation. Rather than award out six places as in the past, this year only the winner will receive a cash prize. Conversely, we've expanded the consolation drawing from one prize to several. Each entry will be worth one ticket under your name in the drawing. 

We still have five more months in the contest, plenty of time to enter.  More entries = greater chances to win!

Here are the current standings:

Jerry Patton - 20
Chris Williams - 17
Tyler Woods - 8
Carlton Townsend - 8

Others: Glen Cormier (7), Robert Hughes (6), Mike Carlin (6), Bill Morrison (6), Joel Dinnat (5), Rich Hudson (5), Jim Johnson (4), Barbara Carlin (3), Preston Keiser (2), Louis Busby (2), Gene Taylor (2), Dustin McDavid (2).

Among the more recent catches of interest are Guadalupe Bass (Mike Carlin), Longnose Gar (Tyler Wood), Tiger Trout (Rich Hudson, photo top), Common Carp (Chris Williams) and Croaker (Jerry Patton, photo bottom).