Thursday, May 6, 2021

May 17th Virtual Tying Monday (not Tuesday)

Monday, May 17th
Jawbreaker fly

Zoom session / YouTube Live 

* please note the date change!

Deadline for materials request:  Sunday, May 9th
Material request form:

For this session, Jim Johnson will lead us in tying the new bass fly, the Jawbreaker.  Think of it as a woolybugger with legs, on a jig hook, and a plastic curly tail.  If you can get past the idea of a plastic tail on a fly, this one is a killer for bass!

To join in:

  • Active participants can join via the Zoom app on any PC, tablet, or smartphone.  Enter the meeting ID and password to join in.  Email Bill Morrison to request.
  • Casual observers can join via live-streaming on YouTube.   No downloads necessary.  Go to the Kisatchie Fly Fishers YouTube Channel:  and click on "Live" videos.  Use the Chat feature to ask questions.