Saturday, April 17, 2021

Mixed Bag Update - April 17th

Rain, rain, go away! Come again another...month! Honestly, the only critters happy right now with all the water are frogs and fish.

Speaking of fish, the nasty weather hasn't curtailed members from getting entries into our Mixed Bag Contest (MBC). In fact, Chris Williams and Jerry Patton have both recorded a record number of entries by any individual for this time of year. Overall, we've had more entries into the MBC for this date than any previous year.

With the Spring Picnic and a club outing coming up soon, we hope many more members will get an entry into the Mixed Bag. Remember, this year we'll be expanding the number of drawing prizes. Each entry represents one ticket in the drawing. So, more entries = greater chances to win!

Here are the current standings:

Chris Williams - 13
Jerry Patton - 11
Bill Morrison - 6
Tyler Wood - 5
Carlton Townsend - 5
Glen Cormier - 5

Other entries: Robert Hughes - 4, Joel Dinnat - 3, Gene Taylor - 2, Jim Johnson - 2, Louis Busby - 1,  Rich Hudson - 1

Among the many species listed so far, are some not normally caught on fly.  Those include: flounder (Tyler Wood), bowfin and striped mullet (Chris Williams).