Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 17 fly tying

KFF monthly fly tying session
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Rapides Westside Library, Alexandria

** Please note the date!  Because of the ML King holiday, the library is closed on our normal tying day (Monday).  So we will meet on Tuesday instead. **  

As always, beginners are welcome!  If you don't have tying tools, the club has a few sets for use during these sessions.  Materials are provided.

This month's pattern will be the Jitterbee.  This now-famous bream fly was created by Randy Leonpacher of Baton Rouge two decades ago.  Randy, an avid bream fisherman, was looking for a fly that could best match the tiny split-tail  plastic grubs he had success with on spinning tackle.  Unable to find such a fly, he created his own - and the Jitterbee was born!

The Jitterbee is an excellent bead head nymph that looks like a bee with a cricket-like tail. Best colors are black/orange, black/red or black/chartreuse. As Randy says, "This bug is my first line of offense for bream. It can be fished deep or under a strike indicator. In either case don't set your rod down 'cause once the bream get sight of this bug its gone pecan!".

Instructions for tying the Jitterbee can be found on and on  The photo shown comes courtesy of FrankenFly.

** Please note that we start collecting 2017 dues this month.  Dues are now $25 - individual or family - we went up $5 to cover our FFF dues.  If you're a full-time student or active military, membership is still FREE!  **

See you Tuesday!