Monday, August 15, 2016

Recap: Fly Tying Workshop with Jeff Guerin

For the summer months - June, July and August - the Kisatchie Fly Fishers cancelled our regular 3rd Monday fly tying sessions and instead held two "Summer Fly Tying Workshops" featuring nationally-renown fly tiers.  The first with Stephen Robert was held in July, and the second with Jeff Guerin was held in August. Both were held on Saturday mornings at the LDWF Woodworth Outdoors Education Center, and were open to members of other clubs.

The August 13th session with Jeff Guerin came on the worst weekend possible, when a tropical depression moved over south Louisiana, dumping as much as 22 inches of rain in some locations - the worst natural disaster in our state since Hurricane Katrina!  Central Louisiana was spared the flooding, so the class went on as scheduled.  Although it did take a toll as only 11 of the 18 registered were able to attend.

Still, it was a great session!  Jeff demonstrated the original hare's ear pattern, a basic wet fly pattern, and his own creation, the A&W Emerger.  Even the expert tiers in the group learned quite a bit as most of Jeff's presentation was more about the concepts of fly design, dubbing selection and mixing, and numerous production tying tips.  Jeff also explained why certain patterns are very effective and his observations from many years of guiding folks on the rivers of southern Arkansas.

KFF would like to thank Jeff very much for giving us this workshop.  Check out his website at  If you've never been fly fishing on the Little Missouri River near Murfreesboro, or have never fished for trout on moving water, I strongly recommend hiring Jeff for a day.  He's a great guide and excellent casting instructor.