Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 18 fly tying

Our next fly tying session will be Monday, April 18, at the Rapides Westside Libary in Alexandria. Time is 6:30pm.

This month Brent Humphries will lead us in tying the Cap Spider.  This famous fly was created by the late Mike Verduin, a nationally-recognized and awarded tier out of Lewisville, TX.  The name of Mike's fly came from an encounter in a tournament, where he saw several spider-like jigs on the cap of another angler.  He was so impressed with the lure that he modified it to make it "fly friendly". On several occasions when fishing Louisiana with members of other clubs, he demonstrated how deadly the Cap Spider was on bedding bream, especially redears.

There are very few places to buy Cap Spiders.  One of those is Belah Bugs, owned by our fellow member Brent Humphries (look up Belah Bugs on Facebook).  Brent ties all of his flies and jigs, so you know there's quality.  The "Cap" is easy to tie, and Brent will show us this month how to tie our own.

As always, beginners are welcome. Bring your tools if you have some, otherwise the club has a few toolsets for those without tools.  Materials are provided.  See you Monday!