Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 17 fly tying

Our next fly tying session will be Monday, August 17, at the Rapides Westside Libary in Alexandria. Time is 6:30pm.

Coming soon!  Great fall fishing for bass and redfish. Redfish will be feasting on storm minnows, while bass will be chasing shad. There are several great patterns that imitate baitfish.  One of the most effective is the Coma Spoon.  Originated by KFF member Glen "Catch" Cormier, this fly is a "twist" on the popular spoon fly.  Unlike traditional teardrop spoons, the Coma Spoon - based on propeller science - sinks faster without weight, and can be retrieved at a fairly rapid pace without skimming at the surface.

For this session, we'll tie the Coma Spoon and give options for this fly.  Bring your tools if you have some, if not, the club has a few sets for use during these sessions. Materials will be provided.