Monday, February 2, 2015

Cenla Fly Fish Fest a big success!

Our first-ever Cenla Fly Fishing Festival exceeded expectations.  Many thanks go to the following: our club members who gave their efforts leading up to and during the event, our speakers, our guest tiers, our casting guru (Jeff Ferguson), our exhibitors, and our many donors.  We will leave our Festival pages up so you know who these folks are. Please thank and support them!

The event made the Town Talk newspaper and KALB TV news.  Mayor Clarence Fields - a self-described fishing fanatic - showed up and was wowed by the fly tying. Attendance was just over 120, we added 11 new members, and we signed up several folks for our Fly Fishing 101 next month. We also raised enough money to fund our conservation and educational wish-list. We have already set a date for the 2nd annual Fest in January, 2016.  Look forward to seeing everyone!